“The quality of the talks was amazing”

Dr Hamideh Anjomshoa, IBM Research


  • Daniel Peterseim Chair of Computational Mathematics, University of Augsburg, Germany

    Numerical homogenization and beyond

  • Jen Pestana Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

    Numerical methods for Stokes flow


  • Fawang Liu Professor, Queensland University of Technology

    Fractional calculus

  • Qianqian Yang ARC DECRA Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology

    Numerical methods for solving space-fractional reaction-diffusion equations

  • Elliot Carr Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

    Computational homogenisation of complex heterogeneous media

  • Tony Roberts Professor, University of Adelaide

    Multiscale modelling of microscale heterogeneous systems: analysis supports systematic and efficient macroscale modelling and simulation