Queensland University of Technology
1-12 JULY

Computational Models of Heterogeneous Media

The study of multiphase flow in heterogeneous media finds application across a number of important industrial and biological processes, including drying of foods for preservation, converting biomass into biofuels, using fractional dynamic models for MRI to probe tissue microstructure, studying viscoelastic non-Newtonian fluids, and understanding the role of heterogeneity for treating diseases of the heart. A significant challenge to modelling these processes is to understand how the strongly coupled heat and mass transfer phenomena evolve and interact in the complicated porous microstructure. To elucidate the complex physics, exposure to a broad cross-section of sophisticated numerical methods is essential and we will explore some of these methods in the Winter School. The School will feature modules on multiscale modelling; computational homogenization; fractional calculus; finite volume, finite element, spectral and meshless methods; Stokes flow; parameter estimation; and Krylov subspace methods.


Hosted over two weeks, this program offers a range of specialist topics with overarching themes including computational homogenisation, fractional calculus, multiscale modelling and stokes flow.  This year’s impressive expert speaker line-up draws upon the knowledge of national and international lecturers at the forefront of their fields, and attracts students from all around Australia.

To maximise the experience, the school aims to feature prominent international and domestic speakers, researchers and lecturers as well as a number of program extras including social events, a special guest public lecture and a diversity in STEM panel event.

Travel Grants

AMSI offers travel, accommodation and caring relief assistance for students and attendees affiliated with AMSI member institutions. Those attending from regional Queensland and interstate are encouraged to apply for either a Choose Maths or an AMSI travel grant.

Key Dates

Winter School 2019 Program and Grant Applications Close