“The Winter School was an experience I shall cherish forever. The course content highlighted the importance of mathematics and statistics in data science and also broke down abstract concepts into simpler ones. Networking with participants from diverse academic backgrounds and industry experience gave me a valuable insight.”


Indraneel Yeole, Masters student, The University of Queensland

Developing the Next Generation of Mathematical Scientists

The aim of AMSI Winter School 2019 is to develop the next generation of mathematical scientists to work in the exciting field of modelling heterogeneous media. Our impressive line-up of international and national speakers will build knowledge in this field, and introduce students to a range of topical applications.

Hosted by Queensland University of Technology this winter, the School is designed for postgraduate students and early-career researchers in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines. Students and early-career researchers working specifically in this area are encouraged to attend: however, the school is also a great opportunity for those working in other areas of the mathematical sciences to strengthen their mathematics toolkit.


AMSI Winter School 2019 would like to thank the following partners, without whom, this event would not be possible:


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Past Events

Established in 2004, the AMSI Winter School has become a major calendar event for postgraduate students in the mathematical sciences. Click on the images below to find out more about our past programs.

Winter School 2018 on Curvature - UQ - 2 July - 13 July
Winter School 2017 - Computational Foundations of Data Science - QUT - 26 June - 7 July
Winter School 2016 - Biological and Environmental Modelling - UQ 4-15 July
Winter School 2015 - Algebra, Geometry and Physics - UQ 29 June - 10 July
Winter School 2014 - Contemporary Aspects of Cryptography
Winter School 2013 - Mathematics of Planet Earth - UQ 24 June - 5 July
Winter School 2012 - Geometric Partial Differential Equations - UQ - 2-13 July
Winter School 2011 - Global Optimisation - UQ - 26 June - 8 July
Winter School 2010 - UQ - 5-16 July Graphs, Networks and Designs
Winter School 2008 - Stats for Resource Management & Envrionmental Science - UQ - 7-18 July
Winter School 2007 - Statistics, Lie Theory, Algebra & Cominatorics - UQ - 2-20 July
Winter School 2006 - Computation, Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics - 3-21 July
Winter School 2005 - Algebraic Structures, Dynamical Systems and Stochastic Processes - 4-22 July
2004 Winter School - UQ


AMSI wishes to acknowledge the generous donation of time and scientific/operational
advice of the following committees, without their contribution this event would not be a success.

2019 AMSI Winter School Standing Committee

  • Professor Ian Turner,
    Queensland University of Technology (Chair)
  • Professor Troy Farrell,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Joseph Grotowski,
    The University of Queensland
  • Dr Phil Isaac,
    The University of Queensland
  • Professor Tim Brown,
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)
  • Professor Mat Simpson,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Chloe Pearse,
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)
  • Anna Muscara,
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) (Secretariat)

2019 AMSI Winter School Local Event Team

  • Professor Ian Turner,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Amanda Kolovrat,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Andree McFarlane,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Chloe Pearse,
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)
  • Anna Muscara,
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)